Windsor Garden Design
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Our Services
Landscape Design and Installation
Windsor Garden Design offers a variety of design and build services — everything from single tree plantings to new construction. Our process includes individual design geared for your situation and location. Customers are encouraged to be a part of the design process and learn while doing so. We schedule time to walk you through the actual materials being used in your project and even allow for you to hand choose the planting material when possible. We have weekend, early morning and evening flexibility to meet your needs. From conifers to perennials, bulbs to shrubbery, we offer a wide variety of planting options. Plantings come complete with a written warranty.
Tired of looking at the same old landscaping that you inherited with your home or business? Trying to see between the debris and brush of what was once a nice garden? Windsor Garden Design can renovate a tired, old or lost garden back to its forgotten beauty.
Windsor Garden Design offers a variety of maintenance services including Spring and Fall clean-ups, mulching, weeding, shrub fertilization and most importantly, shrub pruning. Our extensive knowledge of plants affords us the ability to know when and how to prune plant material properly. Services can be scheduled for weekly, monthly, quarterly or even annually. The biggest mistake in landscape maintenance is improper pruning. It is important to know when and how often pruning should be done.
Lawn Maintenance and Fall Leaf Clean-Up
Lawn maintenance and leaf clean-up are offered on a limited basis. Please contact us for more information or to check availability in your area.
Consultation Services
Would you like to do your own landscaping and gardening but aren't quite sure how or what plants to use? Windsor Garden Design offers consulting services for homeowners and “eager to learn” gardeners. Scheduled appointments allow individuals to learn and take notes in preparation for doing it themselves. Scheduled appointments require a one-hour minimum. You may be pleasantly surprised how much information you can absorb in a short time. Contact us for consultation fees. Travel may be additional in certain regions.