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Hello Folks,
For the past three years I have been updating the home page of our website and simply repeating the same message, "updating as we speak, new updates and pictures to come soon". After three years of putting bandaids on this website, I feel it's just best to be forthcoming as to the reason for the delay. We are by comparison a small company. A small company that handles a very large volume of business, often leading to seven day work weeks for months on end. Each year it becomes a little more difficult to keep things updated. We have a great web manager, but he relies on my pictures/verbage to update the site. Twenty years ago this all started simply as a solo side project and quickly became a full fledged business with a consistently growing client base. We are able to work on word of mouth and through client loyalty alone with no need to advertise. I am very grateful for those who have made this possible since this was never the plan. This being said, I feel that if you are going to have a website it should be current and informative. I feel most of our best work has been done the past three years and certainly our biggest projects done in that time span as well. Until I have the opportunity to get everything documented and updated, please accept my apologies for not being current and in turn my gratitude for the reasons we are derailed here temporarily.

We are a landscape design, installation, consultation and maintenance provider located in Reading, PA. It is our practice to involve our clients in the design process to help foster a rewarding, personal investment in their outdoor projects. Through continued research, education and networking, we keep our commitment to strive for an alternative to what so many have grown accustomed.
Please keep in mind that we schedule months in advance in certain cases, so it's always best to contact us as early as possible for consultations and scheduling.
Thanks for giving us a look.
Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce and Industry